Our Partners

The following are links to a few organizations/clean energy managers around the north shore that are doing work on clean energy issues:

Hamilton/Wenham Green: Hamilton Wenham GREEN is a local non profit, 501 (c) 3 organization working for sustainable communities. We do this by creating and supporting initiatives in waste, education, energy efficiency, transportation, clean air, water, food and policy.

Ipswich Commission on Energy Use and Climate Protection

The Salem Alliance for the Environment (SAFE) is a group dedicated to assuring that Salem, a historical maritime community located on Massachusetts’ North Shore, is a healthy and prosperous place in which to live. Like many older industrial cities, Salem faces environmental challenges.

Topsfield renewable Energy/Green Communities Committee: The purpose of the Renewable Energy/Green Community Committee is to investigate the application of the provisions of the Green Communities Act to the Town of Topsfield and to advise the Board of Selectmen on ways in which the Town  can prepare to participate in State and Federal programs aimed at improving energy efficiency and developing alternative and renewable energy sources.

Greater Newburyport Eco Collaborative studies, evaluates, and makes recommendations to the Mayor regarding energy conservation, energy efficiency, and/or conversion to greener energy sources. We are a group of energy professionals who have committed our time to make a difference in the community. The EAC assists the Mayor by identifying policy implications and cost savings derived from potential energy conservation, and investigating sustainable development measures and guidelines for local businesses and homeowners.

Swampscott Renewable Energy Committee


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