Local Green Businesses

The following companies and organizations have clean energy at the core of their business. In coming months we will highlight the work of these forward-thinking groups who are paving the way towards Gloucester’s leadership as an energy-efficient community.

Susan Altenburger’s “Green Boat”, which when finished will be a 38-foot energy-efficient light patrol craft, designed to maximize fuel efficiency. The project is seen as a first step in re-emergence of the city’s local boat-building capability in combination with  energy-efficiency sophistication that supports our working waterfront.

Pure Strategies: helps organizations improve environmental and social performance through cleaner production, sustainable materials, strong community relationships and transparent measures of progress.

Cape Energy Solutions: conducts home energy performance evaluation and general contracting

Cape Ann Fresh Catch: helps local fishermen put sustainably-caught seafood onto your dinner plate through direct-distribution model.

Neptune’s Harvest: fish-based fertilizer

Treehouse Designs, Sustainable building: “we believe that buildings should be designed and constructed with these considerations in mind.  We also believe it is critical that we develop building strategies that reduce the environmental impacts associated with construction.”

Businesses that have dramatically lowered their carbon footprints:

* Restaurants Alchemy and Latitude 43 have implemented many energy-saving aspects to their businesses, from buying local food to Green building designs.



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